We pride ourselves on being the best we possibly can to provide our customers with the highest quality glass and crystal products and top-notch service. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with our clients and bring them everything possible in order to make their job of selling our products easier. We believe that this makes us a great supplier, but don't take our word for it, see what our delighted customers have to say!

Customer Service is outstanding!! Topmost will continue to be one of my top suppliers for awards.


Always enjoy your products' quality & pricing, and the fact that you only do wholesale.


Excellent service, no extra packaging charges for the glass. Exceptional variety of products grouped by the cost of the product. Some of the glass that I purchased was manufactured in China. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the glass. My past experience with Chinese glass was disappointing, but not with Topmost.

Ron Patten

I love Topmost and all the people I have dealt with over the last 15 years. Unfortunately, we are across the country from them and the shipping can get ugly on the orders, because glass and crystal are so much heavier than other products (like acrylics). However I try to make orders large enough that I am not always running back to get a few pieces. I do wish they would give a little better discount at the $500 level, and maybe even a little something for say $250-$300. Maybe a discount to help with the shipping - even 5% - 10% off of the product, to help with the shipping costs would be nice. However, these are just suggestions and in a Perfect World, it would be easy to please everyone. I am also realistic and a business owner, so obviously I understand that what we WANT to do for our customers, and what we CAN do are two different things.

Lori H. Rudd

If there were a star, greater than "great", Topmost would get it. The prices are fabulous. They ship the day my order is placed. The quality is superior and I have never had any issues. Wishing all of my vendors could be even close.... Dawn/Empire


We have done special orders with Topmost for about 12 years and have never had one single problem.....quality, service and shipping have all been perfect! Prompt E-mail response and confirmations. A+ Rita Sachs Mulholland & Sachs

Mulholland & Sachs

I have always been more than happy (and impressed!) with the quality of the items I have purchased from you over the years. You are my "go to" company for custom awards. The only bad thing I can say is that you're so far away (I'm in the midwest) and so it takes a few extra days in receiving orders. Can't be helped and I wouldn't hesitate to pay the extra shipping charges knowing that I'll receive a premium product!

Claire Berger

I don't order often but when I do the response is very quick and the order is shipped out quickly. I have also asked for information from time to time and that has been forthcoming quickly as well.

Geoffrey Kent

Unfortunately, I have not used Topmost as much as I'd like to.Whenever I have had the pleasure to contact or purchase, it has been excellent. I plan to continue my contact with Topmost! Jay

Jay Heitzmann

I handed my order over to one of my employees to engrave and she completed the order with no questions for me so I must conclude everything was perfect.

Joel Noble

I have been purchasing products from Topmost for 4 years. The customer service is top shelf. The shipping is fast and the pricing is very very competitive. I use a lot of their glass picture frames. We engrave them to make may different products. Our customers love them. Check out how we use Topmost products at www.firepointcreations.com

Mark C.

Prompt shipment--friendly & always helpful staff. Whenever there might be a problem, it is resolved promptly. Quality products at a fair price. We've been doing business for many years and will continue to do so.

Hammond Glass Engraving

My experience with TopMost has been "Top Notch!" Their products are lovely, priced fairly, and come next day! The customer service is also wonderful! I am a happy customer!

Maureen Norton

Great service, on time delivery. Need I say more?


Truly a pleasant, professional group to work with. Questions are always addressed with courtesy, so problems are rare and solutions prompt. Much appreciated.

Wren H. George

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